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Artist Statement


Artist Statement

“Through my travels, I’ve met many different people and my art is a way of
drawing connection between cultures and individuals.  It’s also about
connecting past and present with an exploration of the contrast between
smoothness and roughness.  It’s my way of making sense of my internal and
external experiences in the world.”

I began making sculpture at art school in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Every day when I walked down the street on my way to school, I stopped to look in the window at the bronze sculptures in one shop. I wanted to know how I could do that. One day the gallery owner came outside and asked me if I liked the work. She told me about the artists and how they made the sculptures, and from that moment I knew it was what I wanted to do.

As I began learning how to use the chisel – how to cut, how to tap, how to carve the different angles and curves – it was empowering. I had never imagined that sculptures like those I had seen could be made by hand. That awe has always stayed with me. Now when I work, the tools and the media give me a freedom I don’t have anywhere else. Every time I work, the art takes me somewhere new. Wood provides a working space that is durable and resistant. I work with the wood to build onto it, to combine and transform it into something new without fighting its inherent form. From every angle, it is new and tactile. Working with it makes me travel. When I am with my art, I can feel my mind exploring new things and going to places it has never been. As I begin, I never know what the wood will teach me, or what I will find to give to it.

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